Why is my keyboard and mouse shutting off after running updates?

Episode 1543 (1:19:33)

Anthony from San Diego, CA

Anthony has Windows 7, and he's started having problems with his keyboard and mouse after a recent update. He tried to talk to Microsoft about it, but the tech told him there was a conflict and the updates it was installing were actually for Windows 10, and it would cost him $300 to resolve it. Leo says whoever that was he was talking to wasn't Microsoft. Leo says in theory that could happen, but Microsoft Update is smart enough to not do that. It should only be installing Windows 7 updates for a Windows 7 machine. Anthony has tried different keyboards and mice, and it's still the same problem.

Leo thinks this is a driver issue with the USB driver, or HID (Human Interface Device) driver. Leo recommends going in to Device Manager by pressing Windows Key and X, then click "Device Manager." He should look to see if any of the items there come up with yellow triangles or red exclamation marks.

Anthony says his monitor isn't working, either. It keeps going black. Leo says this is clearly more than just a driver issue. He's probably going to want to run his recovery utilities. Leo says it may be time to reinstall Windows 7.