What is a good budget laptop?

Episode 1543 (30:41)

Tara from Barstow, CA

Tara is looking to pick up a laptop for Black Friday with a budget of $300 to $450. Leo says that price point is so low, that she's likely going to end up with an i3 processor. But for most things she'll do, it's probably good enough. One thing that she can consider is a Chromebook. It has an i5, but it runs through a browser. She won't have access to apps like Microsoft Office, but Google Docs will work just fine. It's very secure, too.

Should she buy an extended warranty? Leo has mixed emotions on this. He never buys them because it's largely a profit center for the store. It's basically insurance for the laptop, and it comes with a deductible. Most of the time, it's not really worth it.