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Watch Fiona from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Fiona is thinking of getting a tablet because she can add it for $20 a month to her cell phone service. Which should she get? Leo recommends the iPad. They start at $329, with Black Friday deals this week of under $200. She's retired and on a budget, though. Leo says she can go with Android, but any tablet under $200 is going to be pretty cheap. She should try and get an iPad on a Black Friday deal. They should be good through Monday. And she should pick up a Bluetooth keyboard, too. Anker makes one for around $25.00.

Watch Ruben from British Columbia, CAN Comments

Ruben wants to know what lens he should use for portrait vs landscape photography. Leo says it depends on what he's taking pictures of, and what lens he has. A 24mm lens is great for shooting landscape. It's a great story telling lens. A portrait style lens, though, is a different animal. Leo likes a longer lens, like an 85mm lens. That way he won't get distortion or have to get too close.

Watch Tara from Barstow, CA Comments

Tara is looking to pick up a laptop for Black Friday with a budget of $300 to $450. Leo says that price point is so low, that she's likely going to end up with an i3 processor. But for most things she'll do, it's probably good enough. One thing that she can consider is a Chromebook. It has an i5, but it runs through a browser. She won't have access to apps like Microsoft Office, but Google Docs will work just fine. It's very secure, too.

Should she buy an extended warranty? Leo has mixed emotions on this. He never buys them because it's largely a profit center for the store. It's basically insurance for the laptop, and it comes with a deductible. Most of the time, it's not really worth it.

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Watch Cheryl from Riverside, CA Comments

Cheryl plays Pokemon Go. But she dropped her phone and now she's having a lot of connection issues in the game. Leo says that isn't the phone, that's just Pokemon Go. He experiences that problem all the time. He thinks it's a software issue, and overly congested servers. Leo says that his wife recently just gave up on the game as a result. But he recommends trying other internet connected apps and see how those work. She should also run If it connects, then she'll know it isn't her phone.

Watch Cheryl from Riverside, CA Comments

Leo says Cheryl can get the Google Pixel 3 under Verizon for $400 off right now. Black Friday deals are all over the place. HUAWEI's P20 is super fast and powerful, as is the Mate 20 Pro. The cameras are incredible. The best is probably the OnePlus 6T. And the Motorola G6 is a very good budget phone. She can get them unlocked.

Watch Steve from West Virginia Comments

Steve fears his Android phone has been attacked by a virus. He's suddenly getting something called "AdChoices." Leo says that AdChoices is by The Digital Advertising Alliance, and is a response to Ad Blockers. It lets users fine tune their ad preferences. Steve can go into his browser settings and turn off popups and redirects. Then he can clear out his browser cache.

But how come he gets them on his iPad as well? Leo says that's an odd thing. Maybe Steve is just getting ads in his apps now. He can download ad blockers for iOS. Leo's favorite is Crystal. But ads are the way to pay the bills when he's offered a free service. AdChoices isn't a malware, though, so he should fear not.

Watch Mark from Castaic, CA Comments

Mark would like to sync his iPhone with a Microsoft Access database. Leo says there are several third party clients like Access Frog, Access Database Manager, ACCDB, and Pocket Access. He can also navigate to his Access database through his Safari browser. He'll need to configure his database so it can be read online, however, and that could be a security issue.

Watch Anthony from San Diego, CA Comments

Anthony has Windows 7, and he's started having problems with his keyboard and mouse after a recent update. He tried to talk to Microsoft about it, but the tech told him there was a conflict and the updates it was installing were actually for Windows 10, and it would cost him $300 to resolve it. Leo says whoever that was he was talking to wasn't Microsoft. Leo says in theory that could happen, but Microsoft Update is smart enough to not do that. It should only be installing Windows 7 updates for a Windows 7 machine. Anthony has tried different keyboards and mice, and it's still the same problem.

Leo thinks this is a driver issue with the USB driver, or HID (Human Interface Device) driver. Leo recommends going in to Device Manager by pressing Windows Key and X, then click "Device Manager." He should look to see if any of the items there come up with yellow triangles or red exclamation marks.

Anthony says his monitor isn't working, either. It keeps going black. Leo says this is clearly more than just a driver issue. He's probably going to want to run his recovery utilities. Leo says it may be time to reinstall Windows 7.

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Watch David from Burbank, CA Comments

David would like to expand his mesh router network to his shop outside. Leo says he can do it by putting an Orbi Satellite into his workshop, and just put his Orbi base station in the Window sill. But if his shop is 150' away, then he'll be out of range. Then he'll have to get an outdoor Orbi base station.

David will get the best performance, however, if he uses a long distance ethernet cable. He'd probably have to bury it, though. He should check out for ways to figure out what he needs.

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Watch Corrine from Duarte, CA Comments

Corrine is having issues with her Apple ID. Leo says that her iCloud account and her iTunes account can be different. Or she could have them be the same. She'll then need to have a password that goes with it. All of her app and website passwords can be kept in the Apple Keychain, but she'll have to be on the same account in order for it to work across her devices. She'll have to be sure to go into her iCloud and Keychain settings and make sure they're all turned on.

Watch Doug from Beaumont, CA Comments

Doug likes to visit the Aviation Weather Service online, but he's been having trouble with it lately. Leo says that's because it uses Java and the Java browser plugin has probably been disabled. Doug should go into his browser settings and be sure it's installed, updated, and enabled. But it's getting harder to use Java in the browser. If he has Firefox version 52 or higher, or Chrome 42 or higher, or even Safari, the plugin would have been disabled for security reasons. So his only choice may be to use Internet Explorer for that site. He'll have to turn on scripting for Java apps.