Do I need a VPN for a college network?

Episode 1542 (2:07:43)

John from Orange, CA
Laptop and smartphone connections

John is going to college soon and he's concerned about Wi-Fi security. Should he have a VPN? Leo says he can. He can find out how open the network is by going into iTunes to see if he can see someone else's iTunes library. If he can, then it's insecure. If he can't, then it's locked down.

A VPN can tunnel a hole in the public network with an encrypted signal. Anything between John and the provider is private. But he has to choose his VPN wisely. Leo likes Tiny Hardware Firewall. But Leo suspects that the network at Cal State Fullerton will be secure.

Google has been pushing the "HTTPS" standard, and that's encrypted as well. So he can surf that way. Another thing he can do is use by Cloudflare as his DNS. That will be encrypted.