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Watch Charles from Virginia Beach, CA Comments

Charles is getting a new Mac Mini and wants to know what display to get for it. He currently has a 27" iMac. So what's most affordable for the same size? Leo says that Apple is pushing an LG 5K Ultra Fine display, but it's not cheap at $1,000. Prices have tumbled for monitors lately, and as such, there are plenty of options.

Leo says the 34" wide monitors are good for video editing. Leo recommends the Dell Ultra Sharp 34" for $800. There's also a 27" for $600. He could probably get a standard monitor for $300, though. And with Black Friday coming up, he's bound to get even better deals. HP also has comparable monitors at great prices.

Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil got the 11" iPad Pro with gigabit internet through his ISP. But he's only getting about 850 of that down. Leo says that's normal. There's "overhead" related to using that much bandwidth, so he's not going to get all of it.

He wants to know what streaming service he can get that includes local channels. Leo says that YouTube TV is really the best deal going on right now, and it has locals for major markets. Other options are DirecTV Now, SlingTV, PlayStation Vue, and others. He also can get a one week trial for all of them.

YouTubeTV may not look all that great in 4K, because it uses a lower definition streaming quality.

Watch Paul from Louisville, KY Comments

Paul wants to install Windows 10 on two separate hard drives he has in his laptop. Can he? Leo says sure. Windows 10 is entitled to the computer, not the user, so whether it's on the C, D or both drives is irrelevant. He's only booting to one drive at a time.

Watch Bernie from Washington Comments

Bernie wants to know if HDMI is the same as optical for audio quality. Leo says that both connections are digital, so it's the same quality. Optical will give him Atmos and other multi channel stereo options as well.

Watch Jim from Calabasas, CA Comments

Jim is getting a new hard drive to replace his old one. How can he transfer everything over? Leo says that his hard drive will come with an app that will enable him to make a bit-for-bit, sector-by-sector copy from the old drive to the new drive. But Leo also recommends getting an SSD for his OS and programs, and then use a standard spinning hard drive for his data.

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Watch Jude from Indiana Comments

Jude wants to get a tablet and LTE access. Leo says she should get a tablet with LTE and buy an iPad from Apple. Android tablets are an option, but they're not nearly as good, or as elegant to use as the iPad.

How can she use it hands-free in her truck? She should make sure Bluetooth is turned on, and she can enable "Hey Siri". If she doesn't want her phone to respond to that command, then she should put it face down. Then just her iPad will answer to "Hey Siri".

Watch Don from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Don wants to put a flat screen in his back yard, and he wants to use the internet to get content on it. That means he'll need to improve his Wi-Fi. He bought the Google Wi-Fi mesh system to do just that, and he likes it. Leo says Mesh is an improvement for every home, and it's worth the price. But Don wants to know why his speed tests are always different. How can he get a true reading on internet bandwidth speeds? Leo says his ISP will always tell him the maximum possible speeds, not a consistent bandwidth speed from day to day. Cable is always inconsistent in its speed because he's sharing all the bandwidth with his neighbors. So when everyone is watching Netflix in the evening, everything slows down. Whereas, DSL is individual, and therefore, it's actually more consistent, and isn't impacted by his neighbor's internet use.

His device can also impact it. Not all routers are created equal, nor are the devices he uses like tablets, consoles, laptops, and mobile devices. Each one will have different speeds. Lastly, Wi-Fi itself can impact his speed. Mesh routers, for instance, prioritize traffic (called bandwidth shaping). This is why mesh is better.

If he wants to get a more accurate picture, he should run the test at three different servers:

Then he'll get a better idea of what his speed actually is. It may also be inconsistent from test to test as well. Don can check his latency at

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Watch John from Indianapolis, IN Comments

John is worried about security on his new Windows laptop. Leo says to follow the archonym "UPDATE":

U - UPDATE the OS. Windows issues updates on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. He should make sure he gets it updated immediately! He can even set his updates to automatic.
P - PASSWORDS should be difficult and long. Easy to remember passwords are easy to guess. He should use a password manager and let it generate and remember his passwords.
D - DOWNLOAD software only from trusted parties!
A - ADMINISTRATOR accounts shouldn't be used for day-to-day activities. He should be running as a Limited user.
T - TURN OFF the computer when he's not using it.
E - ENCRYPT the drive. If he has Windows Pro, he should turn on Bitlocker. That way, it will encrypt his data and keep it safe.

What about AntiVirus software? Leo doesn't recommend them anymore, but if he's going to use one, Windows Defender works as good or better than third party options. All too often, antivirus software can be broken into and break into the system. So they're just as bad at keeping the system safe. At the end of the day, though, no matter what he does, his online behavior is the last, best thing to keeping him safe online. If he's wreckless online, it won't matter if he does any of the above.

Watch BJ from New Jersey Comments

BJ wants to know if he needs to reinstall the OS on his tablet in order to change the carrier for it. Leo says no, and since BJ's tablet is with Verizon, he can just replace the SIM card with another. If it doesn't work, he can go to Verizon and ask them to unlock it. They have to unlock it by FCC mandate. He shouldn't need to unlock it, though.

How does he get rid of all the Verizon stuff on it? Leo says he can "root" it. He should check out the forums at He should be able to get instructions on how to do it. He should just make sure to follow them to the letter.

Watch John from Orange, CA Comments

John is going to college soon and he's concerned about Wi-Fi security. Should he have a VPN? Leo says he can. He can find out how open the network is by going into iTunes to see if he can see someone else's iTunes library. If he can, then it's insecure. If he can't, then it's locked down.

A VPN can tunnel a hole in the public network with an encrypted signal. Anything between John and the provider is private. But he has to choose his VPN wisely. Leo likes Tiny Hardware Firewall. But Leo suspects that the network at Cal State Fullerton will be secure.

Google has been pushing the "HTTPS" standard, and that's encrypted as well. So he can surf that way. Another thing he can do is use by Cloudflare as his DNS. That will be encrypted.

Watch Carole from New Port Richey, FL Comments

Carole wants to get her grandson a new laptop, because the iPad is too fragile. Leo says they can break because of that large glass screen. Leo recommends a Chromebook. If she would rather get him a desktop, there are Chrome Boxes as well. The Acer Chromebase is the one to get. Nice and secure, and easy to use.

If he likes to game, however, that would require Windows. Gaming is demanding, so she can get a cheap desktop, but if she's willing to spend $1000-1500, she can do OK. Remember, with a desktop she'll need a monitor, keyboard and mouse, speakers/headset. Dell makes good, affordable desktops. But maybe Carole needs to make sure his XBox is working OK, and then go with the Chromebase desktop. She can also look at a PlayStation 4. There's a PS4 bundle with the new Spiderman game for $199 for Black Friday right now.