What 4K TV should I buy?

Episode 1541 (33:20)

Joe from Knoxville, TN
Vizio P-Series 75" 4K TV

Joe just got the 12.9" iPad Pro and he loves it. Leo says it's the fastest computer they've ever made, but they have to let iOS keep up with it, instead of holding it back. Now he's looking at a Vizio P Series 75" TV or a Samsung Q7 model.

Scott Wilkinson joins the conversation to say that the Samsung one is edge lit, not FALD (full array local dimming) like the Vizio. Even though it has Quantum dot technology, Scott doesn't like edge lit, it's too prone to "flash lighting," which is distracting. So he recommends going with Vizio P Series. It's less expensive, too. Joe is worried about the soap opera effect. Both Scott and Leo agree it's not that bad with 4K and he can always turn frame interpolation off in the settings.