How can I prevent Google from knowing everything about me?

Episode 1541 (1:58:03)

Derek from Costa Mesa, CA

Derek has to create a Google account, but he wants to prevent Google from having his information. He tried to use an app to mask his phone, but it won't work. Can he use a burner phone? Leo says that he'll have to jump through a lot of hoops to prevent it, but it can be done. A burner phone will work. Then he can create a Google Voice number to use with that. Or he can just put the burner into his car for emergencies. But every time he searches, Google will know what he searched for, even when he's using a private window. The reality is, his phone carrier and ISP will know everything. Leo does recommend using his iPhone and using as his phone's DNS and it will turn on a permanent VPN. But he'll have to trust that Cloudflare will protect his data. At the end of the day, he has to pick who he trusts and who he doesn't.