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Watch Rob from Fairfield, CA Comments

Rob has set up a new computer, and he wants to clone his hard drive before he does anything else, so he'll have a backup. Leo says that's a great idea. Windows 10 has its own imaging utility under backup. But there are other solutions:

  • Clonezilla
  • EaseUS
  • Drive Snapshot
  • Macrium
  • DriveImageXML
  • Steve Gibson recommends Terabyte Image for Windows.

    For the Mac, Leo uses SuperDuper. Nice thing about SuperDuper, he can create a bootable image.

    Watch Joe from Knoxville, TN Comments

    Joe just got the 12.9" iPad Pro and he loves it. Leo says it's the fastest computer they've ever made, but they have to let iOS keep up with it, instead of holding it back. Now he's looking at a Vizio P Series 75" TV or a Samsung Q7 model.

    Scott Wilkinson joins the conversation to say that the Samsung one is edge lit, not FALD (full array local dimming) like the Vizio. Even though it has Quantum dot technology, Scott doesn't like edge lit, it's too prone to "flash lighting," which is distracting. So he recommends going with Vizio P Series. It's less expensive, too. Joe is worried about the soap opera effect. Both Scott and Leo agree it's not that bad with 4K and he can always turn frame interpolation off in the settings.

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    Watch Steve from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

    Steve is having trouble with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. After about 2 minutes, both apps crash. Leo says that it could be malware infecting his browsers. But more likely there's a render driver that both browsers use which is causing the crash when he visits certain websites. Leo recommends doing a thorough scan using Windows Defender, and he should also run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool from the command line. To get to that, he can press the Windows Key and type MRT. Leo also suspects that Java is broken.

    At this point, the best thing for Steve to do is backup his data, format his hard drive, and reinstall Windows 10 from a known, good source. It's really the only way to be sure. And it's pretty easy these days. He can run it from the recovery menu.

    Watch JT from Irvine, CA Comments

    JT is heading to Australia for a week. What mobile service should he use? Leo says that Google Fi and T-Mobile both work all over the world. The services isn't as fast, but it's free Edge service, which is nice. He can then use local Wi-Fi at the hotel, coffee shops, etc. whenever he can. The Global plan on T-Mobile is $20 a month, but it's only slightly faster, and the speeds vary wildly. He could also buy a "day pass" of 4G access.

    Here's a Reddit thread on using Google Fi in Australia. JT should understand though, that with Google Fi, he would need an approved phone. And if he has a Pixel phone, he should be on Fi anyway.

    Watch Eileen from Upland, CA Comments

    Eileen bought a Bose sound system, which is connected to an optical splitter, so they can use her headphones too. But now the headphones won't work after a power surge. Leo says it's possible that the power surge fried the optical splitter. She should check if the headphones work with her TV (she may need to change her audio settings in the TV). It may also be possible that the settings changed in her TV, so she should look in there and see what it's offering. She may need to reset it to PCM unencoded audio or something similar. She should just try different settings.

    The chatroom points out that Eileen's Sony TV may have a headphone volume setting.

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    Watch Rick from Edmonton, Canada Comments

    Rick bought a Drobo 2, and it's a bit flakier than his gen 1 Drobo. If it gets jostled, it has to reboot and rebuild. He's concerned that it's a single point of failure and he'll lose his data. Leo says that Drobos are a RAID (called Beyond Raid) where if one drive fails, it rebuilds form the other drives. So it's not really a single point of failure. But if all the drives go bad, then he's in a world of hurt.

    This is why Leo recommends having more than one backup, with one off-site. Leo also has a secondary NAS, which is Synology. He's a big fan of them. And he can use different drive sizes. Rick should check out their RAID calculator here (

    Synology is the way to go.

    Watch Kathleen from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

    Kathleen has an iPhone and the sound is muffled. Leo says that it's easy to muffle the sound because of where the mic is. As Steve Jobs once said "people hold the iPhone wrong" all the time. Kathleen also wants to know how to tag her mobile pictures to sort and find them in Photos. Leo says that she can use tags in both Google Photos (Windows/Mac) and Apple Photos (Mac). Google Photos will also use face recognition. And if she presses the three dot icon, she can add descriptions in the metadata, which is searchable. Another option is using Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Smart Pix Manager. Both are for Windows.

    From the chatroom -
    ComputerWorld has 32 tips and tricks for Google Photos at
    PCMag has 25 tricks to master Google Photos at
    The Edublogger has a beginners' guide to Google Photos at

    Watch Derek from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

    Derek has to create a Google account, but he wants to prevent Google from having his information. He tried to use an app to mask his phone, but it won't work. Can he use a burner phone? Leo says that he'll have to jump through a lot of hoops to prevent it, but it can be done. A burner phone will work. Then he can create a Google Voice number to use with that. Or he can just put the burner into his car for emergencies. But every time he searches, Google will know what he searched for, even when he's using a private window. The reality is, his phone carrier and ISP will know everything. Leo does recommend using his iPhone and using as his phone's DNS and it will turn on a permanent VPN. But he'll have to trust that Cloudflare will protect his data. At the end of the day, he has to pick who he trusts and who he doesn't.