Is Hisense a good TV?

Episode 1540 (11:40)

Clarence from Chesapeake, VA
Hisense 55" R7

Clarence needs to get a new 55" TV. What does Leo know about HiSense? Leo says that HiSense is a budget TV manufacturer from China, but the TVs are really well made. They're the next Samsung. Vizio is another really good TV. In fact, it's the best 2nd tier TV for the money.

What about service and support? Leo says that if he buys it from a local retailer, they will honor a warranty. But they can't really be repaired, anyway. It's more likely they'll just get replaced. Should he buy the extended warranty? He could, but really, it's not really needed because they're so cheap. TVs don't last decades anymore. Technology changes too fast.