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Episode 1540 November 11, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Clarence from Chesapeake, VA Comments

Clarence needs to get a new 55" TV. What does Leo know about HiSense? Leo says that HiSense is a budget TV manufacturer from China, but the TVs are really well made. They're the next Samsung. Vizio is another really good TV. In fact, it's the best 2nd tier TV for the money.

What about service and support? Leo says that if he buys it from a local retailer, they will honor a warranty. But they can't really be repaired, anyway. It's more likely they'll just get replaced. Should he buy the extended warranty? He could, but really, it's not really needed because they're so cheap. TVs don't last decades anymore. Technology changes too fast.

Watch Rob from Cincinnati, OH Comments

Rob has a process in his Mac called "User Event Agent" and he doesn't know what that is. Is it necessary? Leo says it is. It just monitors all of his activity. This includes mouse key presses, typing, etc. If he were to stop it, his computer would become unresponsive. He shouldn't really get caught up with what he finds in the Task Manager, especially when the processor and RAM are being used.

Rob's Mac is old, from 2012, and so getting a new MacBook Air is a good idea. Leo's been using the new one for a week, and he says it's simply a better computer. The processor is fast enough, the Liquid Retina display is really nice, and it's light. He can even use the Apple Migration Assistant to move everything over.

Watch Karen from Ventura County, CA Comments

Karen wants to know what free email service she should use. She has Yahoo and she keeps getting triplicate newsletters. Leo recommends Google Mail (Gmail). They don't read mail for ads, nor do they charge. Gmail is a much better solution. She could also configure Gmail to get her Yahoo Mail if she chooses.

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Watch Marshall from Des Moines, IA Comments

Marshall wants to know if he can downgrade to iOS 11. He doesn't like 12. Leo says he can, but he'll have to erase the entire iPad. It's also only possible to do this for a limited time, and that window may have passed. iMore has an article that shows to do it here.

But that chatroom shared a link to that says the time to downgrade has already passed.

Watch Roland from Hutchinson, KS Comments

Roland wants to know how he can send a group text, but prevent everyone from seeing everyone else's information. Leo says he can do it in WhatsApp. Doctor Mom uses one called Hit Em Up. It costs $2.50 a month.

Watch Chris (Dr. Bird) from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Doctor Bird uses the focal plane point symbol all the time when he's taking macro images of butterfly eggs. He uses a tape measure and that symbol to get really precise with how far away his camera needs to be.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Patrick from Palo Alto, CA Comments

Patrick hears Leo talk about Lastpass a lot, but he wants to know if Apple's password vault is secure. Leo says that Apple uses Keychain and it's very secure. It only works on Apple devices, though. And with iOS12, Keychain does autofill.

(Disclaimer: Lastpass is a sponsor)

Watch Patrick from Palo Alto, CA Comments

Patrick wants to know how secure a guest network would be? Leo says that while it's convenient for when he has guests, if their computer is compromised, so is his network. Some networks can create an isolated connection via VLAN, where all the guests would get is an internet connection.

Watch Bob from Danville, CA Comments

Bob and his wife keep getting robocalls from Apple. Leo says those are scams. These are fake robocalls claiming their iCloud has been breached. Apple would never call him. If something really did happen, Apple would just put out a press release. Bob shouldn't call them back. Even better, if he doesn't recognize the number, he shouldn't answer. If it's important, they will leave a message.

Watch Richard from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Can you trust a motherboard for $59? Leo says that it depends. Gigabyte, Asus, Acer are all good brands, and they're also very affordable. PC Perspective likes MSI and they're around that price.

Watch David from Florida Comments

David has a tablet that he wants to add LTE internet access to. Can he do that? Leo says that it supports Wi-Fi, so he can use it with a MiFi card and connect that way. He can also hotspot with his mobile phone, depending on whether or not his carrier supports it. But he'll probably have to pay extra for that privilege. Leo also uses a Google Fi card with his tablet. They work in a lot of different devices.