Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1539 (23:06)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott got an email from a listener who wanted to stream using an old analog receiver and speakers, and Synology NAS. Scott says that the listener discovered that using the Chromecast audio (which has an analog/digital output) was the ideal solution. It works great with a powered speaker or a pair of speakers which are powered by the AV receiver. You have to set it on AUX, but if all you have is analog, this is a great workaround.

Another listener wants to wirelessly adapt his old Bose speakers for surrounds. Scott says you'd need a wireless transmitter and receiver to plug them in. And the old Bose speakers would have to have a separate power amp as well. The Klipsch stream wireless audio system will handle that, but it's not cheap at about $400. Leo says that the problem with wireless speakers is that they aren't as reliable as wired speakers. Leo says that Monoprice has them for less.