Is it best to keep my smartphone plugged in whenever possible?

Episode 1539 (1:54:05)

Mike from Culver City, CA
Motorola Moto G4 charging

Mike has a Motorola G4 and he wants to know if it's best for his battery to keep the phone plugged in whenever possible. There's been articles that claim it's best to do it differently, though. Leo says there's a lot of lore about lithium ion batteries, and Leo isn't even convinced that we understand how they really work. Leo gets his information from

The thing that's missing about all of this battery information, however, is what Motorola might be doing specifically to keep the battery conditioned. Heat and cold are bad for lithium ion, as is overcharging. Fully depleting it is bad as well. But almost any device these days will have protection against overcharge. Since Mike's phone is only two years old, he probably won't have to worry about it for a few years. Mike says his battery life is way worse now, though. Leo thinks the culprit could be software related, though.

Mike should check out this article about how to prolong lithium ion batteries at