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Watch Evan from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Evan bought the new iPad Pro and it's now his main computing device. He can do about 75% of what he needs to do on it, and the rest, he can just do on his laptop. Leo says that's the problem with it. It's doubling the cost of computing just to have one. And some of the workarounds that are required for simple tasks can be exhausting. Evan also says that the cost of being an Apple fan is really becoming prohibitive. Apple is raising the prices on everything from the iPad to the iPhone to the Apple Watch.

How should he charge it? Leo says the Anker chargers are fine.

Watch Carmine from Chicago, IL Comments

Carmine has an HP Spectre laptop, but his USB-C connector won't power the laptop using his OtherWorld Computing adapter. Leo says that he's supposed to be able to with this new model. It's a data port as well as a power port, and so it may be an authorization issue. Leo says that he may want to try the HP power dongle. He'll also want to be sure he's getting enough power through the Type-C connector. There may not be enough through the OWC, and the laptop may think it's just a data connector.

Watch Theresa from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Theresa's 7 year old LCD TV has gone black, and if she looks up close, she can still see an image. Can she fix it? Scott says that the backlit LED panel has gone out and it's really not worth fixing. For less money, she can just buy a better 4K TV. If she's on a budget, TCL and Vizio are the best options.

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Watch Gary from Scottsdale, AZ Comments

Gary has an iMac, and there's a large percentage of JPGs he can't preview. What is that all about? Leo says if the dimensions read "0" by "0", then the Mac thinks that the files are damaged and need to be repaired, even though Gary can read them on a PC. He should try opening them in Preview first. If he can read them there, then he can export them. Gary can also open them in Picasa, and so Leo suggests exporting them out from there. That can fix them and the Mac apps should be able to open them from there.

Watch Warren from Granada Hills, CA Comments

Warren wants a new iPhone with a large screen. But he doesn't know what to get. He wants one that will last awhile. Leo says that to future proof, he's going to want to get the iPhone XS Max. It'll have the longest runway as for use. He could get the iPhone XR, as it's got the same internals as the iPhone XS, but it's a smaller liquid retina screen, not OLED. He's also giving up the dual camera on the back, but the iPhone XR camera still has a basic version of portrait mode, which is pretty good. The iPhone XR is also available in several colors! It has better battery life than the XS and XS Max, too. So it comes down to what he's willing to give up.

Watch Jeff from Vancouver, WA Comments

Jeff has had Windows 10 for a few years and suddenly he's getting a demand to activate again. Leo says that is a known problem with Windows. It's an erroneous notification cause by an error on the authentication servers. Microsoft is in the process of fixing the error, and he'll likely get a fix on Patch Tuesday.

What's a good alternative for the Ring doorbell? Leo says that WyzeCam is an incredibly affordable option that has its own Wi-Fi connection. And he'll be able to log into it. The $40 version will even let him zoom and pan. He can also put a microSD card to store video locally, and he doesn't have to pay a monthly fee.

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Watch JT from Irvine, CA Comments

JT wants to create a smart home. What gadgets should he add to his Ring Doorbell? Is there a smart lock? Leo likes the August smart lock the best, followed by Schlage. But Leo recommends visiting She has her finger on everything pertaining to the internet of things. The Wirecutter is another great place to go, and they like the Kwikset Kevo. The great thing about the Kevo is that it also uses a key.

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Watch Mike from Culver City, CA Comments

Mike has a Motorola G4 and he wants to know if it's best for his battery to keep the phone plugged in whenever possible. There's been articles that claim it's best to do it differently, though. Leo says there's a lot of lore about lithium ion batteries, and Leo isn't even convinced that we understand how they really work. Leo gets his information from

The thing that's missing about all of this battery information, however, is what Motorola might be doing specifically to keep the battery conditioned. Heat and cold are bad for lithium ion, as is overcharging. Fully depleting it is bad as well. But almost any device these days will have protection against overcharge. Since Mike's phone is only two years old, he probably won't have to worry about it for a few years. Mike says his battery life is way worse now, though. Leo thinks the culprit could be software related, though.

Mike should check out this article about how to prolong lithium ion batteries at

Watch Mike from Culver City, CA Comments

Mike is dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 10 and he wants to get rid of Windows 7. Does he need a partition manager? Leo recommends EaseUS Partition Master. It's free. But Windows also has one which may do the job for him.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard read an article about students in San Jose, who are hanging out under light poles because of something called LiFi? You can get over 225GB doing so, but it's limited to where the light can transmit. Leo says that LiFi has potential since light poles can double as access point stations for public Wi-Fi. But with LiFi, it uses light to transmit internet bandwidth. Chattanooga also offers something similar by using GB broadband through the electrical power lines. It's getting pushback from internet service providers, though, who say it impacts their business. But Leo says that 5G is going to change everything.

Watch Ron from Southfield, MI Comments

Ron wants to know whether he should buy a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro. Leo says it comes down to what he needs. If he has a need for speed, he should get the MacBook Pro. If he likes all day battery life, and doesn't mind lesser performance, then he can save money and get the MacBook Air.