Why can't I get sound out of my TV?

Episode 1538 (40:35)

Al from Roseburg, OR
LG 50UH5500

Al has an old receiver and he wants to connect his TV to it. He bought one, but he's not getting sound from the TV. If he connects it to the Blu-ray player, though, it works just fine. Leo says that he'll need to go into the LG menu setup and disable the onboard speakers in favor of external speaker output. Another possibility is the DAC may not understand the TV signal because it's encoded, while the BluRay Player is using unencoded PCM audio. Al should figure out what audio the Blu-Ray is sending out and see if he can duplicate that setting on the DAC. The only way to really test it all is to get another device. Leo says since Al bought the DAC on eBay, it could just be a junky, bad design.