Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1538 (22:16)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is finally back home after traveling to five countries over the last few weeks. Leo has a website recommendation this week: The Traveler Collective. Not only can you buy a ring for every country you've been to that you can put on a backpack or key ring, but a portion of that money goes towards giving grants to people who can't afford travel.

Another Travel product for kids is a Travel Log that kids can have each pilot sign. Johnny also says that there is a tremendous shortage of pilots in the industry right now, and so it's really easy for private pilots to get a job as a commercial pilot if they have all the ratings.

Tip of the week - Text 82008 for Alaska Airlines to receive help with a flight delay, cancellations and others.

Google Flights - Put in a fare alert on how much you want to pay for a flight, and they will alert you when a flight drops down to that price. The week after Thanksgiving is a great time to fly because everyone has already traveled. The week after New Year's is also very cheap.
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