What's a good alternative to my current hosting provider?

Episode 1537 (35:52)

LaRayce from Santa Ynez, CA
Mouse, keyboard, and monitor

LaRayce got her invoice for web hosting, and they've cut her three-year deal to a two-year deal. So she's looking for an alternative. Leo says it's easy to move, as web hosting is a commodity product now. Coding in HTML is pretty old-fashioned. Most websites don't run that way anymore. They use a content management system, which separates the site design from the content. That makes it a lot easier to update her content. WordPress and Squarespace are good examples. Can she move her HTML files over to the new host to get started? Leo says probably not. He'll have to copy the pages and then insert them into WordPress. In fact, Squarespace should help her migrate everything properly.

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