Why is my iPhone automatically putting calls on hold when new calls come in?

Episode 1536 (13:04)

Ann from Irvine, CA
Apple iPhone XS

When Ann is on the phone and gets another phone call, her iPhone is automatically putting her existing call on hold and picking up the next call. Leo says that shouldn't be happening. She should be given the choice of putting her call on hold, sending it to voicemail, or hanging up and taking the call. It's usually when she's using it on speaker phone. Leo says that it could be that Siri is being triggered, but it's unlikely. It could be a hardware glitch, but that's going to be difficult to replicate. Leo says that sometimes restarting the iPhone will clear everything out and it could prevent it from happening in the future. She could also reset the phone. But if it happens again, she should take it to the Apple Store.