How can I stream live?

Episode 1536 (52:50)

David from Burbank, CA
Mevo Plus

David has been asked if he can help do live streaming. Does he need Wi-Fi for that? Leo says not really, but he does need a cable long enough to go from where he's filming to a computer in order to stream it. If he uses multiple cameras, then he'll need a switcher to control them. It's always best to start with one camera and then expand as he needs to.

Video capture software to do the streaming depends on where he wants to stream. Facebook and YouTube both offer streaming for free. They also offer software to download.

Wirecast is a good cross-platform app for doing it as well. And an open source free option is OBS Studio.

There's also an all-in-one camera solution called Mevo, which will stream directly to Facebook or YouTube, and it will shoot in 4K, so he can use software to do different angles from the same master image. It will stream to LiveStream, Facebook Live, Periscope Live, and YouTube. It's a great solution.