How can I move my data from one SSD to another?

Episode 1536 (1:19:52)

Sean from Carlsbad, CA
Crucial SSD

Sean has four hard drives on his computer. He then removed all the bloatware by reinstalling Windows. But now he has a full SSD and wants to know how to migrate all his settings, bookmarks, temp files, etc. to a larger drive. How can he do that? Leo says it's nontrivial to do this. The key is to make a perfect copy of his home directory. The problem is his Windows Registry. He can't just move that over. Settings for programs and logins are stored there, and he will lose those.

Sean can try the Windows Migration Assistant. He can also make a clone of the drive, but he'll want to be sure it doesn't create a 60GB partition on his 2TB drive. EaseUS will do it.

Windows Backup is a disk imaging app that will allow him to make a disc image and then restore it to the larger drive. It's built into Windows. Other imaging options include:

  • Clonezilla
  • EaseUS
  • Drive Snapshot
  • Macrium
  • DriveImageXML
  • Terabyte Drive Image
  • Laplink PC Mover Express is a $45 program, and Laplink is very experienced in this.