Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1535 (1:11:01)

Travel Tip - When traveling overseas, always pay in local currency. If they ask if you'd like to pay in US dollars, you'll likely get charged a conversion fee with your credit card. Also. Let your bank know that you're traveling overseas. Also, pay using a credit card. Your debit card is no protected if the card gets stolen or hacked.

Another tip - use a VPN while traveling with your internet access. You'll actually save money by pretending you're in a different country and you're booking flights. Leo uses a travel router, which protects him overseas.

Leo also suggests not to use a VPN in China. But Johnny Jet disagrees. If you're visiting, and are not an ex-pat, then they don't really care. They just care if you're an ex-pat coming back and starting trouble. But Leo says to be a good guest and obey the local laws.