Should I make the switch to the Google Pixel 3?

Episode 1531 (11:35)

Andrew from Miami, FL
Google Pixel 3 XL

Andrew is thinking of switching from the iPhone to the Google Pixel 3. How's the camera? Leo says that he's seen images of the Pixel 3 and the camera is blowing him away. Google has really refined computational photography to the point where the images look very much like those shot with a DSLR. It feels great in the hand, too. People don't like the notch though. But Leo says he'll get used to it pretty quickly.

Andrew is concerned because he has Apple TV and he knows AirPlay won't work from the Pixel. Leo says it won't since Goole doesn't support AirPlay. If he has an iPad, though, he can use it from there. Another advantage to getting a Google phone is that patches get loaded up right away, so it's very secure.