How can I stop robocalls?

Episode 1531 (1:45:08)

Jessie from Durango, CO
woman on phone

Jessie keeps getting robocalls and the numbers they get are either disconnected or bogus. Leo says that they are bogus, and according to a recent survey, by 2019, 80% of cell phone calls will be robocalls. And nobody knows what to do about it. Most are from overseas. They forge the caller ID, and will even do it with the recipient's area code and prefix. The reality is, legitimate companies will not be calling. They'll be using mail. Jessie can log her number into the DoNotCall.Gov database. But robocallers overseas don't care and will call anyway.

Jessie also bought a new laptop battery for her Lenovo laptop, and they don't charge at all. Leo says if it's a third party battery, that may be the problem. Outside of that, the charger could be having issues, or, more likely, the power connector into his laptop may be loose.