Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1531 (2:02:43)

Dick DeBartolo

The SmartFlower Solar system was another 'big' gadget at the Luxury Technology Show. They had a unit out in the street so the press could see it in person. The SmartFlower is a fully integrated, all-in-one solar system that can live anywhere, but certainly the sunnier, the better. SmartFlower uses GPS tracking aligned to the specific longitude and latitude of the site where it is installed. This precise tracking can increase productivity by as much as 40%. They do want it setup by one of their installers to get the full warranty. There are two models that use the same moving solar panels, but the “plus” adds built in batteries to keep you in power when the regular power goes out. Within the next few months, all SmartFlowers will be upgraded to allow for remote monitoring. That means, using a smartphone/tablet, the owner and/or the dealer may determine the energy production and whether there are any problems from virtually anywhere in the world. I asked about how much power a SmartFlower typically produces. The answer is anywhere from 4,500 to over 6,500 kWh per year, depending on where it is located. So it's enough for a small house or cottage. A spokesperson says If winds reach 29 mph, the SmartFlower panels automatically move into horizontal position (Safety Position 1) to allow the wind to pass over and under them but the SmartFlower remains open to continue producing energy. If the winds reach 39 mph or higher the panels automatically fold up and down into secure position. The price is $24,950. Installation is about $7,000. The spokesperson said you get 30% rebate from the government for personal use or business use, but if you're using this for a business, you can write the entire investment off. (But check with your accountant to be sure!)

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