How can I recover my phone's password?

Episode 1530 (31:52)

Robert from San Antonio, CA
Alcatel Android phone

Robert has a low budget Alcatel smartphone, but he forgot the password to access it. How can he recover it? Leo says on those older Android phones, the easiest thing is to erase it and start over. Most Android phones have a way to get into recovery mode. But if he can't, then he'll have to do a hard reset by pressing the power button and the volume up button at the same time, and hold it there. That should put it in recovery mode. It's a text based menu that he can navigate with the volume buttons until he reaches "reset." Then he can press the home button and that should reset the phone.

Robert also wants to know how he can prevent the phone from updating. Leo says he really will want those updates. The good news is that when they update, they run the update and then automatically delete the downloaded file. If it doesn't, then Leo says to go into the download folder and delete. The phone also can get a 32GB microSD card, which he can move all of his photos and videos into.