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Episode 1530 October 7, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Mark from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Mark has a Samsung Galaxy S8 and he wants to know how he can download all his email at once. Leo says that the ISP that hosts his mail throttles downloading of email, so he can only download a portion of the email at one time. It's designed to cache email, not download it. If his mail server supports POP3, however, that means it is designed to download the mail. That's really how he'll want to do it. But even then, he probably won't be able to download it all at once.

Watch Greg from Homosassa, FL Comments

Greg has to extend his Wi-Fi in order to stream to the TVs around the house. What kind of extender should he get? Leo says the farther he is away, the less signal and speed he'll get. So he'll need to boost the signal. If he's using a modern Wi-Fi router that uses 802.11AC, then it'll be easier. But if he has to use a router provided by the cable company, he should try and see if he can put the router/modem in bridge mode and use his own router. Then he should turn off the modem's Wi-Fi radio as well.

Leo also recommends upgrading to a mesh router, like the Netgear Orbi, Eero, Plume, or Velop. They are designed for challenging Wi-Fi environments by having a base unit with additional plug-in units he can put throughout the house. This essentially creates a mesh of Wi-Fi access. He'll need one plug-in unit for every 1000 sq feet, but they aren't cheap. Base units are $300, and more plugin units are about $100-150.

Watch Robert from San Antonio, CA Comments

Robert has a low budget Alcatel smartphone, but he forgot the password to access it. How can he recover it? Leo says on those older Android phones, the easiest thing is to erase it and start over. Most Android phones have a way to get into recovery mode. But if he can't, then he'll have to do a hard reset by pressing the power button and the volume up button at the same time, and hold it there. That should put it in recovery mode. It's a text based menu that he can navigate with the volume buttons until he reaches "reset." Then he can press the home button and that should reset the phone.

Robert also wants to know how he can prevent the phone from updating. Leo says he really will want those updates. The good news is that when they update, they run the update and then automatically delete the downloaded file. If it doesn't, then Leo says to go into the download folder and delete. The phone also can get a 32GB microSD card, which he can move all of his photos and videos into.

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Watch Jay from Cleveland, OH Comments

Jay's daughter wants to get into photography. What's a good, entry level DSLR? Their budget is $300 to $500. Leo says that it's a great idea to get her a kit zoom lens, but there is a debate that people should learn with a 50mm first before going with additional lenses.

Leo is a fan of the Nikon D3500, which is a good kit camera that starts at $500. It has an APS-C sensor, which is a large sensor but not full frame. It's a very nice and high quality camera. Leo recommends checking out, because they have camera recommendations for beginners. They like the Canon EOS Rebel SL2. Leo also likes the Olympus OMD micro 4/3s mirrorless cameras. A 35mm or 24mm wide angle lens is also not bad, because it's similar in focal length to a smartphone camera. Leo also likes to buy his gear online at B&H Photo.

Watch Ryan from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Ryan's bank wants him to do more banking online. He wants to buy one computer that is 100% dedicated to online banking. Leo says that's a good idea, and Leo would recommend a Chromebook. Chrome is incredibly secure and is the most popular browser out there. The Acer Chromebook 15 is one of the best for the money, and at $250, it's a bargain.

Watch Artie from The Valley, CA Comments

Artie has a Samsung Note 8 and a Plantronics Bluetooth headset, but sometimes the Bluetooth drops out when he listens to music. Leo says "welcome to Bluetooth!" Leo says he prefers to listen wired to music, which is one of the reasons he keeps buying Samsung. John in the chatroom has the same issue with his device and the Plantronics. For using calls, Bluetooth is fine. For listening to music, it's really not ready for prime time. The chatroom says that Plantronics has an app for Android, which may help.

Watch Lee from Southern Illinois Comments

Lee loves to buy refurbished computers and install Linux dual booted with Windows 10 on them. Is there a version that looks like Mac? Leo says he usually recommends Elementary OS, but there's another one called ELive. Lee should check out There's hundreds of versions of Linux there that he can check out.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Max from West LA, CA Comments

Larry wants to know if he should spend the $29 to replace his iPhone SE battery considering the battery is over 80% capacity. Leo says that the charging capacity will continue to drop as he continues to recharge the battery since there's only a limited number of recharges he can have. But having said that, with over 80% capacity, he's probably alright. Realistically, replacing the battery will probably only add six months to that phone's life. But the battery replacement on the iPhone SE is $79, not $29.

Watch Joseph from Florida Comments

Joseph has the Windows 1809 update and he did a clean install when doing it. He's had no problems. He wants to know if he can get Windows from a third party with an HeiDoc ISO downloader. Leo says that's a bad idea. Microsoft offers its own ISO download through the Media Creation Tool. That's really the safest way to get it.

Watch Dave from Sarasota, FL Comments

Dave loves to drive when he travels, but the most recent car he has doesn't have a CarPlay option. How can he use an iPad as a CarPlay alternative for maps? Leo says a Wi-Fi iPad doesn't have GPS and as such, the maps are going to be inaccurate. Wi-Fi does triangulation of Wi-Fi signals that it can read, whereas GPS uses location based on a triangulation of GPS signals and cellular towers, which is far more accurate. He'd be better off using an iPad that has LTE.

Watch Sam from West Covina, CA Comments

Sam just got an iMac and wants to know what's the best software for editing photos. Leo says the best bet is to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers. For $10 a month, he'll get full versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. It's a great deal. Lightroom is the standard. Sam should also check out Apple Photos. It's a great way to start out. Leo also recommends Skylum (formerly MacFun) Luminar, which is $59.

Watch Ben from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Ben has a Galaxy S9 and thinks the camera app is too complicated and the motion looks blurry. What's a good camera app on Android? Leo says that Cortex Camera is a good one. Camera FV-5 has a lot of manual controls as well, which could be a good option. There's also VSCO.

Watch Henry from Prescott, AZ Comments

Henry wants to know what's a good iPhone app to identify the key of a song being played. Leo says that is a great idea. Google has song recognition capability. There's an app called Shazam, but that can't identify the key of a song. The chatroom says the app is called Keyfinder. It's manual though, not automated.

KeyDetect is another app.