Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1529 (2:17:12)

Dick DeBartolo

If you're serious about your wine, then Dick's latest gadget is for you! Fresh from the Luxury Technology show comes The WineCab, a wine cellar that stands in any room of your house, assuming the ceiling is at least 9' 4” high. It's completely automated and it's a first from Calvary Robotics. They say their WineCab is the most advanced wine storage and inventory system in the world. A robotic arm uses advanced technology and data to store, serve and let you know everything about your collection. The 1300 pound 9'3" high, is 4' wide and 3.5' deep wood cabinet alone is impressive. With configurable LED RGBW, you can easily personalize how you wish the interior to be illuminated. You just put your bottles of wine in the front loading drawer, close it, and the robotic arm will pick up and scan each bottle and then download the data from its inventory of 600,000 labels. You can then consult that data via one of the two included iPod tablets making you the expert with perfect knowledge of food pairings, wine notes, the winery, and its region. Calvary Robotics says the WineCab is their first robotic arm for the home. They add that their next two products will bring even more value to the home market in Safety, Security and Health Care.

Now this is not inexpensive. It is---- ready?? $70,000! But only $60,000 if you order one before the end of October 2018. And Coming soon:Single Glass Pour option for the WineCab which will include an aerator needle system to pour one glass at a time.

- Learn more at WineCab.com