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Watch Tom from Carson, CA Comments

Tom's wife hasn't been able to log into Facebook since last Friday. Leo says that last Friday Facebook logged over 90 million people out of their accounts due to a hack. Many were deactivated until they can prove it's their account. And with over 90 million compromised accounts, it could take awhile. When her account is reactivated, she will have to re-login manually, turn on 2 factor authentication, and it would be a good idea to change her password.

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Watch Dave from Sioux City, IA Comments

Dan is having issues networking multiple computers running different versions of Windows. Leo says that Dan may be having issues with HDCP. He should name each machine, and he should try it without his Windows XP machine.

Watch Thomas from Vancouver, WA Comments

Thomas was running into problems with Windows Defender blocking Camtasia and OBS from saving files. Leo thought that if he had been running as a limited or standard user, that he simply wouldn't have the permissions for that, but he's running as administrator. Leo says this does seem suspicious. Thomas should set up a shortcut for Camtasia and OBS to run as administrator. When you right click on an application, one of the options that comes up is "run as administrator." It may be that those apps need more permissions. Leo says Thomas should also check the Camtasia and OBS forums to see if anyone else is having similar problems. This also could be a configuration issue. It's not unusual at all for file permissions to get messed up.

Watch Dave from Orange County, CA Comments

Dave has bought two iMacs and they've both died after two days. Leo says it sounds like a power surge in his house that's causing it. Leo advises a power conditioning surge suppressor. It'll have a battery and circuitry that cleans up the power so there's an even flow without surges. Leo likes Tripp Lite and APC, but CyberPower is Leo's current favorite.

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Watch Martin from Palmdale, CA Comments

Martin is having issues creating a new user account on a used computer. Leo says to go into the account settings and look under "access work/school." There's likely a setting in there that requires a login to the domain. Leo says he should be able to remove it. He should disconnect from the server and remove that option. Then reboot. It should work.

Since it's a Windows 10 computer, Leo recommends just starting over. He should download the Microsoft Media Creation tool to create a USB install of Windows 10, then reboot to the USB key, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows 10.

Watch Roger from Upland, CA Comments

Roger's son has a Samsung phone on AT&T, and the clock is always 2 minutes fast. His wife, who has a very similar Samsung phone on the same carrier, keeps perfect time. Leo says there is a setting for Apple Watch where the time could be offset, so there could be a setting for that. Samsung is notorious for putting in a lot of settings, so he should check the date and time settings.

Watch Paul from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Paul's WD NAS can't be seen on his network after changing the cable connector. There's a red light that says "I'm not working." Leo says he could try to use another computer with the dashboard software and connect directly, bypassing the router. If he sees it, then there's some issue connecting through the router. Leo says that Western Digital's NAS is terrible. Definitely not his preferred NAS. They fail more often than others. Leo prefers Synology.