Should I trade in my Series 3 Apple Watch for a Series 4?

Episode 1528 (10:36)

Neil from Phoenix, AZ
Apple Watch Series 4

Neil has an Apple Watch Series 3 and he can trade it in for $225 to get a Series 4. Is it worth doing? Leo says that he's had every Apple Watch and the Series 3 was a huge improvement. But the Series 4 is equally as huge. Without the trade in value, Leo says he'd probably says it's not worth it. But with the trade in, it's very tempting. There's a larger screen, but a smaller battery. It's a lot faster thanks to a dual core processor as well. The accuracy of heart rate is much better. It also has fall detection. It's really attractive. But if he puts WatchOS 5 on that Series 3, he'll be 90% there. So why not just hang on to it instead? That's what Leo would do.