Can I still use a 1st generation Apple TV?

Episode 1528 (1:26:58)

Mike from Bath, ME
Apple TV 1st generation

Mike has a first generation Apple TV and he wants to put all his movies on it, but Apple quit supporting it. What can he do? Leo says that if he can launch the Apple Store, he should be OK. But if it isn't recognizing the device, then Apple may have broken connectivity. He should try and do a restore from scratch.

If it's not taking his Apple ID and password, then he's better off getting an Intel NUC and using that as his DVR running Plex.

From the Chatroom - He can install Kodi on that Apple TV and use it as a streaming server. iMore has an article about that here:

Photo By David Kidd (originally posted to Flickr as SNC12799.JPG) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons