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Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil has an Apple Watch Series 3 and he can trade it in for $225 to get a Series 4. Is it worth doing? Leo says that he's had every Apple Watch and the Series 3 was a huge improvement. But the Series 4 is equally as huge. Without the trade in value, Leo says he'd probably says it's not worth it. But with the trade in, it's very tempting. There's a larger screen, but a smaller battery. It's a lot faster thanks to a dual core processor as well. The accuracy of heart rate is much better. It also has fall detection. It's really attractive. But if he puts WatchOS 5 on that Series 3, he'll be 90% there. So why not just hang on to it instead? That's what Leo would do.

Watch Bob from Ventura, CA Comments

Bob has noticed that Leo hasn't been advocating for antivirus software lately, and his subscription is expiring. Should he renew it? Leo says that most malware hacks are Zero Day now, and security programs aren't really effective against them. Antivirus software even can cause problems. In general, antivirus software isn't really worth subscribing to. Windows Defender is free and offers protection that is perfectly fine. The best defense is his online behavior, and keeping the OS updated.

Of course, he could also move to Mac. In general, they are more secure. But there's more business apps on the Windows side.

Watch Jonathan from Scottsdale, AZ Comments

Jonathan wants to know if there's a good smart watch for kids. Leo says that has a great list of the top smart watches for kids. Apple isn't into this market simply because they tend to be higher end.

Evan called in at the top of hour 2 to say that the RelayGo is a great option for keeping track of kids.

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Watch Evan from Oregon Comments

Evan says that the RelayGo is a fun tracker for kids with lots of features.

Watch Joseph from Holden, MA Comments

Joseph wants to know what scanners and OCR software is the most accurate. Leo says that optical character recognition software has made great strides, but it isn't perfect. It still has issues with tiny letters and handwriting. If he's looking for a perfect copy of a text, it's not really going to give him a letter for letter identification. But it will be close. Nuance makes the best software out there.

In fact, smartphones have really changed up the game, as he can use his smartphone to not only scan a document, but do OCR.

One thing that will make it easier to do en masse, is a sheet feeder for his scanner. Epson has excellent document and photo scanners with good sheet feeders, like the WorkForce ES500, for instance. It can scan a page every 2-3 seconds. It costs around $329. It's designed for wireless scanning to PC, Mac, smartphone, or to the cloud.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Kevin from Ashville, NC Comments

Kevin wants to know if he can turn his Xbox into a DVR. Leo says that he'd need to get a TV connection and a program that could do it, and the Xbox Store only allows for recording video game moments. Plex is in the Microsoft store and may work. But Leo isn't sure what the recording capability is. Microsoft was going to do it back in 2015, but cancelled the feature. SiliconDust may have the capability through its MyHomeRun app. It appears to work on the Xbox as well.

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Watch Eric from Kerrville, TX Comments

Eric uses the Hotspot mode on his Note 8, but not every device can see the Wi-Fi connection. Leo says that there are two frequencies, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The phone does both. So he should check on that. He should also check on the encryption he's using. His devices should at least see it, though. It sounds like SSID hiding may be turned on in the phone's hotspot settings. If it is, then he should uncheck it. He may want to take it into his carrier store.

Watch Mike from Bath, ME Comments

Mike has a first generation Apple TV and he wants to put all his movies on it, but Apple quit supporting it. What can he do? Leo says that if he can launch the Apple Store, he should be OK. But if it isn't recognizing the device, then Apple may have broken connectivity. He should try and do a restore from scratch.

If it's not taking his Apple ID and password, then he's better off getting an Intel NUC and using that as his DVR running Plex.

From the Chatroom - He can install Kodi on that Apple TV and use it as a streaming server. iMore has an article about that here:

Photo By David Kidd (originally posted to Flickr as SNC12799.JPG) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Charles from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Charles' daughter got a Gear Fit 2 Pro smartwatch and it was advertised to be used for swimming laps. The first time she used it, it stopped working immediately. He sent it back and Samsung is now saying since it's water damaged, and can't be fixed. Leo says there's a few tricks they can do:

1) Request escalation.
2) Write to the CEO of Samsung Electronics. Write it to the US division. Tim Baxter, CEO Samsung North America. He'll have a department that will address it. But they should be nice.
3) Charles should mention that he complained about it on the Tech Guy show with Leo Laporte and give him a link to the call from

The chatroom found this page: They may have failed to activate the water drops icon, which turns on the waterproofing. But that's nonsense. A lot of people are complaining about it.

Here's another link about the waterproofing on the Gear Fit 2 Pro:

If they don't respond, he should contact the FTC. This is fraudulent.

Watch Larry from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Larry bought an iPad at Costco and didn't like that he constantly has to enter his iTunes password. It's annoying. So he returned it. Which tablet should he buy? Samsung or Asus? Leo says that Apple is #1 in tablets, but if he can't bear it, Samsung has very nice tablets. Google is about to announce a Chrome based tablet, code named Nocturne. And it will run Android apps. It should be announced in about ten days.

Watch Kyle from San Pedro, CA Comments

Kyle's Asus ROG Laptop isn't charging after a recent Windows 1803 update, and there hasn't been a patch for two years. What can he do? If Asus doesn't offer a fix, he should try the Windows 10 battery diagnostic by pressing the Windows key and typing "battery." Microsoft may troubleshoot and download a patch to fix it. If that doesn't do it, then it just may be that his battery is depleted and just won't take a charge. It would have to be replaced.

This article from will show him how to roll back, so he can try doing that.