Is a GoPro a good camera for a long trip?

Episode 1527 (1:03:52)

Thomas from Costa Mesa, CA
GoPro HERO7 Black

Thomas is going on a long trip and wants to document it. Should he get a GoPro? Leo says that he can, but the iPhone is really fantastic for shooting now. How does he backup all that video data? Leo says the best option is iCloud, when he's on the road. 200GB only costs about a buck a month. The advantage is that he doesn't have to think about it, it's automatic. And he can set it to backup only when he has Wi-Fi. Leo took the best pictures on his last trip with his smartphone.

What about solar chargers? What's a good solar charger for being on the road? Leo says that the problem with solar chargers is that they take a really long time to charge to be really useful. We're talking 6-8 hours or more. He'll really need to calculate what number of watt hours he needs. The Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel can generate 100 watts. They also have a 200 watt solar panel. But remember that the size doubles in that regard. It's also a good idea to get a battery that the panels can charge up during the day, and then he can charge his devices at night.

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