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Watch Nick from Redlands, CA Comments

Mick bought the iPhone XS and wanted to migrate all his text messages to the new phone. Leo says in the iPhone message settings, there is a backup to iCloud feature. But it has to be on beforehand in order to save all messages in the cloud. Otherwise, they are stored locally.

Mick's wife is also having trouble with Face ID, which will unlock for her daughter. Leo says they can train it better using the "setup with alternate appearance" option.

Watch Murray from New Jersey Comments

Murray has a Sony XBR 930D 4K TV, and it has horizontal lines across the bottom of the screen. Then it looks like it has a double image after awhile. Leo says it sounds like a hardware failure. Scott says that it sounds like LCDs are stuck open, or that the edge backlighting on the 930 are running a muck. Bottom line, it's broken. He may be able to have it repaired under warranty since it's under 2 years old. But if not, it'll likely cost more to fix it than buying a new TV.

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Watch Olga from Prescott, AZ Comments

Olga wants to know if the Amazon Echo Look is a good option for the blind. Leo says that while the Echo is great for the blind in general, the Look model has a camera that is really only good for taking pictures of an outfit to make a fashion choice. Then it uses the pictures to compare wardrobe choices from the last week and to recommend outfits. Leo found it to be a bit silly, and it might not be her taste. Leo understands that being blind, it helps to know that her outfits aren't clashing by getting another opinion. But it only would give her a numerical rating that appears in the Echo Look app. It's not very helpful for the blind.

Watch Alan from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Alan wants to know if having a recovery partition is a good idea. Leo says it is, right up to the moment the hard drive goes bad. Leo prefers to have an image on a USB key that he can blast on the hard drive when he needs it.

Watch Thomas from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Thomas is going on a long trip and wants to document it. Should he get a GoPro? Leo says that he can, but the iPhone is really fantastic for shooting now. How does he backup all that video data? Leo says the best option is iCloud, when he's on the road. 200GB only costs about a buck a month. The advantage is that he doesn't have to think about it, it's automatic. And he can set it to backup only when he has Wi-Fi. Leo took the best pictures on his last trip with his smartphone.

What about solar chargers? What's a good solar charger for being on the road? Leo says that the problem with solar chargers is that they take a really long time to charge to be really useful. We're talking 6-8 hours or more. He'll really need to calculate what number of watt hours he needs. The Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel can generate 100 watts. They also have a 200 watt solar panel. But remember that the size doubles in that regard. It's also a good idea to get a battery that the panels can charge up during the day, and then he can charge his devices at night.

Check out Thomas' website

Watch Bernie from West Los Angeles, CA Comments

Bernie's current mobile phone is the iPhone SE 128GB, and it has 89% battery life. Leo says that's pretty good and he probably can get another few years with it. Should he buy more than one and keep them in the drawer until the current one dies? Leo says not really. Apple will replace the battery for $99 if he really wants it. The iPhone SE has been discontinued, but the iPhone XR is similar but upgraded, and currently, the iPhone 7 is taking the SE's place.

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Watch Josh from Austin, TX Comments

Josh has an audio recording that has a lot of distortion. How can he fix it? Leo says he can't, really. Distortion usually means the top end of the audio recording has "clipped" causing the audio to lose the upper end. But the chatroom says that Izotope is a plugin that can repair it somewhat. Since the caller is blind, however, Leo recommends a service called Auphonic. They have professional audio restoration tools that can do the job. There's a free tier and a pay tier. And since it's web based, it's very accessible with a computer. 2 hours for free a month. 9 hours for $11 a month. He should give it a try and see how they do.

Watch John from South Bend, IN Comments

John gave his mom an Acer Cloudbook and it's really slow. Can he replace or upgrade it? Leo says that the Cloudbook is part of Acer's cheaper consumer line, and it will likely cost more to repair than replace. And at 32GB, and 2GB of RAM, he'll be better off buying a newer one and spending a little more on their higher end line. Then he could give that Cloudbook to his son and let him play Minecraft with it.

Watch John from Billings, MT Comments

John has heard of a small stick like the Fire Stick that can pickup local TV stations. Leo says it's a hacked Amazon Fire Stick that has been modded to include Kodi. It has software that can also pirate pay TV services. So, it's very illegal. And the legitimate live TV channels are from overseas, like the Croatian Soccer League. Not the NFL.

Watch Charlie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Charlie would like to pair his old Smart TV with the Amazon Alexa. How can he do that? Leo says the the Amazon Fire TV Cube may be a good option, it works with an IR blaster. But it won't turn the TV on, since the IR blaster loses connection. Leo recommends the Logitech Harmony Hub. It'll connect to his Echo, and then will work in between the Echo and his TV.