Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1526 (1:07:11)

Chris Marquardt

Chris just got back from 11 days around the islands north of Norway, just inside the North Pole. The light is amazing. The landscape is incredible. A great place to explore and take pictures. The Aurora Boreallis is also a challenge to shoot because it can be a bit faint. You really have to set it up with a tripod, a wide lens, and a long exposure. Shoot ISO 1600. F2.8 or wider. Expose for 20 seconds. That's the starting point. Rich wants to know if you can shoot it with the smartphone. Chris says no. Not even the pro settings are good enough for shooting the northern lights. It's too limited and the sensor too small.

Chris also did an eagle safari. The challenge there is to set all focus points on, servo or continuous autofocus, and then shoot rapid fire bursts as many as you can. Chris shot 800 photos, and kept only 10. But they were 10 great shots.