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Episode 1526 September 23, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Dan from San Diego, CA Comments

Dan got a new router from his ISP and he can't change the router settings. They're grayed out. Rich says while he can change the router settings in the router, he can also change them in his computer's OS. He'll have to be sure he has administrator access in the router to make any changes. The other option is to buy his own router.

Watch GJ from Washington Comments

GJ wants to know how to record over the air signals. Rich says that Amazon now has the Fire TV Recast, which records over the air programs, and he can set it with the Amazon Echo. Then he can stream them to all of his devices via WiFi. But he would need an antenna.

Watch Eric from New Jersey Comments

Eric is thinking of updating to the iPhone XR, but he wants to know if using Face ID is going to be a hassle moving over to it from Touch ID. Rich says that once he sets it up on the phone the first time, it's stored locally and his apps will access the login that way. The first time he logs into his other apps, it'll ask him if he wants to use Face ID to log in. After he gives the permission, it will use Face ID every time after that.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Linda from Colorado Comments

Linda thinks her email accounts on Google and Yahoo have been hacked. She tried to log in, and it says "account no longer exists." What can she do? Rich says she may or may not have luck recovering it because Google has billions of accounts, and there's no deal tech support. Here's a good place to start to recover her account:

If she can recover the account, she should set up 2 factor authentication, so that when someone tries to log into her account, she'll be notified.

Watch Sue from San Diego, CA Comments

Sue's Roku device won't let her log in anymore. Is this because she has DSL? DSL isn't the issue. She's likely using the wrong password. Rich recommends that she try recovering her password. Once she does that, she can change it.

Watch Ron from California Comments

Ron is wondering whether he should get the Google Pixel 3 or the Galaxy Note 9. Rich says that the Pixel 3 isn't out yet, but he can't see it having much more than an improved camera. It will also have the pure Android experience. The Note 9 is superior, though. But he'd be happy with either phone.

Watch Tod from San Diego, CA Comments

Bob wants to know how long will it be before Android adopts the EKG/ECG medical reading technology like on the Apple Watch Series 4. Rich says it's a great technology, but it's not available yet. The high heart rate and low heart rate notifications are available on Android watches, though. If he's willing to make a switch, it could be a life saver. When will it come to Android? Who knows. But probably not for another year.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard is having trouble printing wirelessly with his new router. Rich says to reinstall the printer drivers and reset his printer. He should also try installing the app that his Epson printer offers.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Mikah from Maine Comments

Mikah loves to channel surf but he finds that after cutting the cord, he can't do that with DirecTV Now. Rich says that's because of buffering. It does work, but it's very slow and they aren't designed to surf. It's designed for use with the channel guide. He can find the show he wants and then load it up.

Watch Bill from Chicago, Illinois Comments

Bill has powerline adapters for his internet access and his Wi-Fi signal isn't very good. Rich says when powerline adapting, he will need to be on the same circuit in order for the router to work right. A better solution is to go with a new mesh router. He can expand the network with a simple access point beacon. Rich uses Eero. It's a little more expensive, and there are others including Plume. But this is a better way to improve the wireless signal in his house.

Watch Diane from Rancho Bernardo, CA Comments

Diane is looking to replace her tablet. She'd like a 10" model and had Samsung in the past. What's her best choice? Rich says that the Apple iPad really is the best tablet out there, and it's the best value. It may cost a little more, but the ecosystem is more vast, the apps are better written, and the user base is exponentially larger. Since she needs one that works with spreadsheets, The iPad works great with Google Sheets. The screen size of the iPad is 9.7". If she wants something over 10", then the iPad Pro is going to be the way to go, but it is a little more expensive.

If she specifically needs Excel, then Rich recommends looking at the Microsoft Surface Go.

Is Open Office any good? Rich says that Google Docs is far better.

Watch Joe from Knoxville, TN Comments

Joe is looking to get a new router and is looking at the Netgear NightHawk. He wants to have QoS so he can control which device gets priority traffic. Rich says that the Nighthawk gets great reviews, over 20,000 on Amazon. So it's likely an ideal solution for him.