Should I buy a Chromebook?

Episode 1525 (1:52:13)

Sherry from Los Angeles, CA
Acer Chromebook 15

Sherry is looking for an affordable Chromebook with a budget of $350. Rich says that to be sure he doesn't get one so cheap that it's underpowered. Acer makes a good model in that price range. She should also get one that has a touch screen so that she can use Android apps. Unfortunately, Chromebooks won't let users install third party apps other than Android apps, but if she can live with that, Rich recommends going to Costco to pick up one. They're a great deal, so she can get more bang for her buck.

Can she connect to the internet with her mobile phone and the Chromebook? Rich says sure, in hotspot mode. She could turn that on with her mobile phone and she can connect. But she should understand she'll have to pay extra for it.