Protect Your Photos and Videos From Natural Disasters

Episode 1524 (01:48)


With Hurricane Florence bearing on top of the Carolinas, it gives Rich pause to think about those precious home videos and still images that you have collected with over a lifetime of memories. Rich says you have two choices for preserving that material:

1) Send it off to Scan Cafe, Costco, or even your local drug store and have them do it. You do run the risk of never getting your stuff back, though
2) Do it yourself with a device from ElGato, Roxio, or other companies that make analog to digital converters. Always keep a working VCR or Camcorder that you can connect, and then record using the software that comes with your converter. Press play on the player, record on the app, and then go get a cup of coffee. You can also scan the stills with your mobile device. That's the easiest. You can also send to a service like or

The Epson Fast Photo scanner is a good way to roll your own. It scans the front and back at the same time. It's not cheap at $600, but Kodak makes a very affordable negative scanner for under $100.

Learn more on how to do this at

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