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Episode 1524 September 16, 2018

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Michael from Worcester, MA Comments

Michael would like to scan some documents into a computer and then edit them. How can he do that? Rich says there's a free way he can do it. He can just take a smartphone and take a picture of the documents. There's plenty of apps that will scan documents, including Google Keep on iOS or Android. It's really powerful for taking pictures of things, including documents, and then search within them. So he should scan each page using Google Keep. Then, use the 'Grab image text' function to copy and paste it into Google Docs. Then he can edit or reformat it as he pleases.

The other option is to get a document scanner. Most of them come with software to create images and then drag and drop into the Google Keep site.

Watch Scott from Harlington, TX Comments

Scott got an Anker backup battery and sometimes he gets a warning that the accessory may not be supported, and it stops charging the phone. It even does it with the Apple charging block. Rich says that Apple has a program called Apple MFI (made for iPhone). If his accessory is MFI, then the culprit could be a failing cable. It could also be that his phone's connector could have some lint in it preventing his cable from connecting completely. Rich suggests taking a toothpick and sweeping it out. A gentle burst of canned air is a good idea too, but he should be sure to be gentle.

Watch Maryanne from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Maryanne's iPhone 6 won't recharge and now it's dead. What can she do? Rich says that her iPhone battery could be depleted or faulty. The battery in the iPhone has a limited number of charges, and once it surpasses that, the battery will die. And being an iPhone 6, it could be that the battery needs replacing. But before doing that, she should try using a gentle burst of canned air into the lightning port. If it starts to charge, then she'll know there was just a little dirt or fluff blocking the connection. If it doesn't work, then it's time for a trip to the Apple Store.

Watch Adrian from Loredo, TX Comments

Adrian is living in a rural area having an issue with slow internet service. He got a new router, but the problem still persists. Rich says this could be because of living in a rural area. He should try and bypass the router and do a speed test. If it works better, then it points to the router as the issue. But Rich doesn't think it's the router, since Adrian bought a new one. Rich thinks there may be an issue between the modem and the router. He should do a factory reset on the modem (better yet, ask his ISP for a new one).

He can also try replacing the ethernet cable that runs between the modem and the router. More likely, though, there's something wrong with the router settings that is preventing it from communicating with his modem properly.

Here are some steps Adrian can try:

1. Unplug everything.
2. Reset the router.
3. Connect the computer to the modem and run the speed test. If it's working, move to step 4.
4. Add the router. Connect by wire to the router. Make sure it's been reset. See what happens.
5. Then if that works, he can try using Wi-Fi.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard has been having problems emailing a friend because his emails go into her spam folder. Rich says that she may have accidentally marked one of his emails as spam by mistake and Yahoo is now looking at all of his emaiil as spam. He should go into her spam folder and click on the message to report as "not spam". She can also mark his email as a safe sender, and create a filter that will reroute the email back into her inbox.

Watch Joe from Austin, TX Comments

Joe is selling his mobile phone to a friend. How much should he sell it for? Rich says to check under eBay and see how much his model phone has sold for under "completed items." Then look on Gazelle and get a quote there. The right price is somewhere in the middle.

Watch Daniel from Yucaipa, CA Comments

Daniel turned on his laptop and the screen is dead. Rich says to look at the screen up close and see if he can barely see the image. If he can, then that indicates the backlight is bad. If there's nothing at all, then it could be a bad motherboard. Either way, it's time to get a new laptop, because repairing a laptop usually costs more than it's worth to buy a new one.

One thing he can try is to connect it to an external monitor via HDMI and see if he can see something. If he can, then the computer is OK, but the screen is dead.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Brian from Lakewood, CA Comments

Brian has a repair program on his computer that's been installed on his computer, but he can't get the program to recognize the data he copied on the computer. Rich says that the program may require the CD to be used to access the database files. It's likely coded that way, and it's a copyright protection measure. Rich also says it could just be an older program that doesn't work properly on today's computers. It's out of date. Is there a new version of the program he can download?

One thing he can try is imaging the CD (called an ISO) and put it on the hard drive. Then he can run the install from the image. The computer should think it's looking at a CD. That's really the way to do it.

Watch Jim from Roseburg, OR Comments

Jim got a Samsung S9, but he erased all his contacts when he got rid of the phone, and they were deleted on his computer. What can he do? He used an old contacts backup from an older phone. Rich says that Jim should check Google Contacts to see if they are on there. Being an Android mobile device, all the contacts should be there. They could also be saved to the Samsung cloud. He should Import his usable contacts there, and then he can make changes there and import them to his new phone once he's got them all worked out.

Watch Ben from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Ben has a Fire TV and wants to know if he can watch videos from his computer. Rich says that he can grab an external hard drive, then add it to Fire TV on the network and use VLC Media Client play the movies from that. Otherwise, he'll have to consider a network attached storage and a media client.

Watch Brian from Lancaster, CA Comments

Brian has an iPhone 7 and when he's listening to music by bluetooth, and he gets a text, the volume turns way down and stays there. What can he do to stop that? Rich says to do a restart or refresh. There could be an odd interaction between apps. Another thing to try is go into settings, general, reset. Then select Reset Network settings. That will reset your bluetooth. But you'll have to re-pair them.