What OLED 4K TV should I buy?

Episode 1523 (1:10:28)

Vincent from Louisiana

Vincent has an Nvidia Shield and the Channel Master over-the-air DVR and he's loving it. He's glad he cut the cable. But he wants to upgrade from his old Samsung 1080i TV. What should he get? Rich says that all he really needs on a TV these days is an HDMI and Coax input for his antenna. He doesn't even need a smart TV because they rarely get updated. It's better to get a TV without smart features and a Roku or Apple TV. There is one exception, though. Roku enabled smartTVs are worth it because they do get updated. Amazon also offers TVs with Fire TV built in.

Vince wants a 75" 4K OLED TV. Rich says that most are topping out at 65" because OLEDs are really expensive and a 75" TV is simply too costly for most people. Rich likes Sony, LG, and Samsung. TCL is a great value, as is Vizio.