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Episode 1523 September 15, 2018

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Dale from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Dale has an Apple and Outlook contact list. He'd like to merge them. How can he? Rich says that the iPhone doesn't do a good job where the contacts are located. But the Mac contact app does. So Rich says to sync all the contacts to his Mac. Add them in his contacts app, and then sync it. Then, Rich recommends using Google contacts as his main contact manager. He can add his Google account in there by clicking the plus sign.

Watch Kevin from San Diego, CA Comments

Kevin has a family member that is posting personal information online at Blogger, and he'd like to have them taken down. Rich says his best bet, realistically, is to simply continue to flag the blog and keep complaining about it. He should take the approach that he's being harassed. It may take awhile, but eventually, the squeaking wheel gets the grease.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George has heard that Facebook is going to offer free Wi-Fi soon. What does Rich know? Rich says that both Facebook and Google are working on initiatives, but they're aimed primarily at rural areas, where broadband simply isn't available due to limited population.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Rich from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Rich updated to a smartphone out of necessity. He's hearing about the Apple Watch Series 4 and its heart features, but it says he needs "number share" for it. What is that? Rich says that the Apple Watch Series 4 is not only a smart watch, but an FDA approved medical device. He can actually take an ECG with it. But he'd need the higher end LTE version for $500, and number sharing, means he'd have to pay $10 a month to share his phone number with his Apple Watch.

Watch Vincent from Louisiana Comments

Vincent has an Nvidia Shield and the Channel Master over-the-air DVR and he's loving it. He's glad he cut the cable. But he wants to upgrade from his old Samsung 1080i TV. What should he get? Rich says that all he really needs on a TV these days is an HDMI and Coax input for his antenna. He doesn't even need a smart TV because they rarely get updated. It's better to get a TV without smart features and a Roku or Apple TV. There is one exception, though. Roku enabled smartTVs are worth it because they do get updated. Amazon also offers TVs with Fire TV built in.

Vince wants a 75" 4K OLED TV. Rich says that most are topping out at 65" because OLEDs are really expensive and a 75" TV is simply too costly for most people. Rich likes Sony, LG, and Samsung. TCL is a great value, as is Vizio.

Watch Cara from San Diego, CA Comments

Cara is a budding writer who wants to set up her own website and blog. She has a domain name and set up her website through GoDaddy. Now what? Rich says that doing a blog is probably the best long term. They'll do it all, and all she needs to do is go into the settings and forward her domain name to the blog.

Another option is to do a self hosted WordPress blog for more control. But it would require a lot more work. So Cara should start small with WordPress and just upscale her blog plan when she needs to.

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Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Kevin from Baltimore, MD Comments

Kevin is a police officer wants to be able to spoof his phone number so that whoever he calls doesn't have his real phone number. Rich says that spoofing isn't the right solution. He should check out Google Voice, Skype Out, and the app Burner for having a temporary number to protect his own.

Watch Greg from Chino, CA Comments

Greg wants to know if 5G Home Internet is a game changer. Rich says that Verizon is testing 5G Home Internet in five cities around the country. 300/1000 down for $50. Sounds good, but that's ideal bandwidth. Is it a game changer? Well, only if it's available where you live. And 5G requires a lot more antennas, every few hundred feet. So it'll be awhile before it's widespread and Rich doesn't see it happening any time soon. If it's available, sign up. If you already have service and don't want to switch, use it as leverage to get a better deal. And that could be the best thing about it.