How can I save money buying a new MacBook Pro?

Episode 1522 (32:26)

Scott from Whitby Island, WA
Apple MacBook

Scott would like to update his MacBook Pro, but he can't afford a high priced Mac. What are his options to save some money? Leo says that the MacBook Air is the least expensive at $999, but it hasn't been updated in years, and it has the lowest quality screen Apple sells. So Leo would recommend going to the Apple Store and see if he can live with it. His other choice would be the MacBook "escape," a 13" model without the Touch Bar. It wasn't updated from the most recent update, but it's very portable. The new MacBook Pros are only about $500 more than the escape. So if speed is a big deal, he could just get the base model MacBook Pro, starting at $1799.

Another idea is to head over to Apple's Refurbished Store. He can save a few hundred there, and most of them are just returned MacBook Pros.