How can I improve the audio on my streaming video network?

Episode 1522 (54:14)

Andy from LA
Behringer XR18

Andy does live video streaming at the FocusTV Network and he's having issues with live audio through his Lav mics. Leo says that network TV audio is terrible, but people never seem to notice it because viewers are paying attention to the video as well. Leo doesn't use Lav mics at all if he can avoid it. He uses a good studio microphone for the best possible sound. If he considers his talk show a radio show with pictures, and mix with the right mics, it'll sound better. If he has to use a Lavalier mic, a directional mic has its shortcomings when it's not positioned properly. So Andy should make sure it's attached correctly. It's better than the omnidirectional, because then there's crosstalk to contend with.

Behringer makes a great auto leveling mixer (called Dugan). Leo uses the XR18. They do a very nice job. Then he can use Adobe Audition to govern it.