Do I need a new router?

Episode 1521 (40:26)

Paul from Sun Valley, CA

Paul runs a utility to test his router and it always fails for buffer bloat. Should he get a new router? Leo says his does as well. When RAM got cheap, the router manufacturers boosted the RAM and it actually had the opposite effect by slowing down the buffer. Leo's opinion is that buffer bloat is over rated. He can ignore it. Eventually router makers have come to realize that buffer bloat can be handled in other ways. Leo recommends getting a second opinion with Netalyzer.

Paul also wants to get a new copy of Windows 7. Can he get one? Leo says that he could see if it can run in "compatibility mode." Windows 10 has that feature. He can press the Windows Key, then "run programs made for previous versions of Windows." That will give him the program compatibility troubleshooter. Leo says the only reliable place to get Windows is from Microsoft. NewEgg still sells OEM versions of Windows 7, but it isn't cheap. $99 for Home Premium. But he should avoid eBay. That's asking for trouble.