Can I use an external camera with an app on my iPhone?

Episode 1518 (36:12)

Larry from Prescott, AZ
Be My Eyes app

Larry wants to use his camera with Be My Eyes on his iPhone, an app for the vision impaired. Leo says the first thing he'll need is a camera that can connect over Wi-Fi. Then he would need an app to allow him to remotely control it from the iPhone. Leo says that iOS sandboxes each app for security purposes, so one app can't compromise others, so he likely won't be able to use a separate camera with that particular app.

ScooterX in the Chatroom shared this YouTube video from a tech accessibility channel, and they offer a How-To for doing this on the computer.

Julian called in to say that Larry could do what he wants to do with an Android phone. There's also a service called that does professional services for blind people with smart glasses that do the same thing.