Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1517 (21:42)

Questions - Wayne wants to get a 4K TV. What model should he get, the Vizio P Series or the Sony Bravia? The Sony X900F is about $2000, and the Vizio P Series is close to the same price. Scott says don't get the X850F, even though it's $500 cheaper. It has an edge lit LED backlight, and that could cause uneven lighting. The X900F and the Vizio P series use full array local dimming, so it's illumination is more uniform and has better contrast. Worth the extra money. Scott also says that the Vizio P Series Quantum uses nano quantum dots, which makes the image brighter, up to twice as bright (2000 lumens), and that means your HDR is going to be really nice. The P Series Quantum is also on sale at Costco, Best Buy and Sam's Club. Normally, $2100, it's $1500 for a 65" model. That's a great deal.