How can I make room on my phone without deleting my photos?

Episode 1517 (14:09)

George from Venice, FL

George is running out of room on his iPhone. How can he make space without deleting his photos and videos? Leo says the first thing to do is turn on iCloud to backup your photo storage. Also, use the replace photos with thumbnails option so that the originals aren't left on your phone. You may need to buy extra iCloud space though. So the other option is Google Photos. Download that app and backup your photos and videos to Google Photos. You get 15GB of uncompressed space, or unlimited high resolution space. All for free. You can also select the free up space in google photos and it will free up space on your mobile device. If you want to look at a photo that's been backed up, go to Other app options include flickr, and if you're an Amazon Prime member, you also get free unlimited photo backup.