How can I make my home network secure from my work computer?

Episode 1517 (1:05:31)

Andy from New Jersey

Andy works as a remote IT guy and he's discovered that the company spies on his network. Leo says one way to solve this issue is to disconnect the XFinity router from the company computer. But if they insist on an always on connection, the Tiny Hardware Firewall may be a good solution. It'll connect to the VPN through a separate router and they wouldn't see any other traffic. Another way to do this, is to get rid of the XFinity router and use your own, like the Ubiquity Edge Router X, which gives you discreet lan options. XFinity also uses PLUME Mesh routers with a VLan feature for multi level networking. Guest. Home. and Administrator. You could then put your work computer on Guest Internet Only mode and it would be locked out of anything else.