Is WhatsApp secure?

Episode 1516 (1:22:34)

Patrick from Palo Alto, CA

Patrick uses WhatsApp, but he's concerned about security on his phone. Leo says that the danger isn't that the app will be malicious. It's a safe app if he gets it from the Google Play or iOS App stores. But it is owned by Facebook, and they will use his data for advertising. It isn't using personal details, but some details such as search data, likes, and keywords.

Patrick is also worried that his old iPad isn't being updated anymore. Leo says that while he won't get the most recent iOS, the security updates will continue. Nothing to worry about there.

Will Time Machine back up his computer with an external drive? Leo says he prefers SuperDuper. He uses it with Time Machine, and it will not only make a good solid, backup. It'll also make it bootable.