How can I get the data off of an old Palm Treo?

Episode 1516 (32:22)

Annie from Los Angeles, CA
Palm Treo

Annie is ready to move away from her old Palm Treo smartphone and wants to know what to get. Leo says that phone is 10 years old! But her worry is her contacts and notes. How does she transfer all that to her new phone? Leo says that if she can sync her data to her computer, she can then export it. It's possible that it's a driver issue since the phone is so old. Sprint might be able to give her wireless syncing to get it off. At this stage, it's probably best to hire a student to manually write out the contact list and notes. Then she can input them into her computer and back them up. Leo recommends Google Contacts.

The chatroom suggested this guide from on setting up Palm Desktop for Windows 10.

She can also take pictures of every entry and then try and use OCR apps to read them.

Bob called in from San Diego to say that back in 2012, he was able to use Outlook and the iPhone to import it over. Apple did it for him, and it took 4 months. So she may want to talk to Apple about it.