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Episode 1516 August 19, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Tina from Manitowoc, WI Comments

Tina is going back to school and needs to get a Windows based computer for class. Leo says that Windows 10 is a lot better than Tina's last Windows 95 computer. Recommendations include Dell, Hewlett Packard, and the Lenovo ThinkPad (Leo's favorite). The ThinkPad would be Leo's first choice because they are built to last and the keyboards are very durable. She should get 16gb RAM. A 13" is a good size, but if she doesn't mind the extra weight, she could look at a 15". She should make sure she also gets a laptop with an SSD. 512GB SSD is more than enough. She should also make sure to get a touch screen.

The Dell XPS 13 or XPS 15 is another good choice.

Another nifty option is a two-in-one, where the keyboard flips around and it becomes a tablet. The convertibles have detachable keyboards and also would give her that tablet option. And if she's thinking of that, then the Microsoft Surface laptop is a great option.

Watch David from Wichita Falls, TX Comments

David just got the latest Windows 1803 update, and broke several of his apps. Is there a way he can roll back to use them? Leo says that he won't want to roll back. It's too important for the security. If it is the 1803 update, that's not as important as the security updates because it's a feature update. So he can roll it back if he wants and defer it for up to a year. Sooner or later, though, Microsoft is going to force that update upon him.

David should go to Advanced Options and select "branch readiness." One way around it all is to set his Wi-Fi connection to "metered." That will make Windows think he has to pay by the bit. Then it won't update to 1803. The problem with that, however, is that it will also block security updates, and he really needs those. The Windows Fall update, 1809, is coming in October, so he may want to wait until then.

It's far better to get new versions of the software he uses that will work with Windows 10. Talk to them about how 1803 broke it.

Watch Annie from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Annie is ready to move away from her old Palm Treo smartphone and wants to know what to get. Leo says that phone is 10 years old! But her worry is her contacts and notes. How does she transfer all that to her new phone? Leo says that if she can sync her data to her computer, she can then export it. It's possible that it's a driver issue since the phone is so old. Sprint might be able to give her wireless syncing to get it off. At this stage, it's probably best to hire a student to manually write out the contact list and notes. Then she can input them into her computer and back them up. Leo recommends Google Contacts.

The chatroom suggested this guide from on setting up Palm Desktop for Windows 10.

She can also take pictures of every entry and then try and use OCR apps to read them.

Bob called in from San Diego to say that back in 2012, he was able to use Outlook and the iPhone to import it over. Apple did it for him, and it took 4 months. So she may want to talk to Apple about it.

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Watch Austin from Norwalk, CA Comments

Austin bought an Oculus Rift but it doesn't work with his computer. Leo says that the Rift requires a lot of computer power, and so he'll likely have to upgrade his computer. What about the Gear VR? Leo says that Gear VR is for the mobile device. One thing he may want to look at is the Oculus Go.

Watch Patrick from Palo Alto, CA Comments

Patrick uses WhatsApp, but he's concerned about security on his phone. Leo says that the danger isn't that the app will be malicious. It's a safe app if he gets it from the Google Play or iOS App stores. But it is owned by Facebook, and they will use his data for advertising. It isn't using personal details, but some details such as search data, likes, and keywords.

Patrick is also worried that his old iPad isn't being updated anymore. Leo says that while he won't get the most recent iOS, the security updates will continue. Nothing to worry about there.

Will Time Machine back up his computer with an external drive? Leo says he prefers SuperDuper. He uses it with Time Machine, and it will not only make a good solid, backup. It'll also make it bootable.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Dan from St. Petersburg, FL Comments

Dan is going to be in a hotel for a few weeks while his apartment complex is being renovated.How can he be secure with Wifi? Leo says that a portable travel router like the Tiny Hardware Firewall will keep you good and protected. But if you turn your phone into a wifi hotspot, you're just as secure because it's encrypted, especially on GoogleFi.

Watch Diane from Banning, CA Comments

Diane's printer ran out of black ink, and she bought a new cartridge, but the printer doesn't recognize it. She's tried three times. No joy. Leo says that it sounds like a printer issue. You want to be sure you hear the "click" when you put the cartridge in. Perhaps bringing the printer into the store and have a technician take look, perhaps clean it out.

Watch Mark from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Mark noticed his daughter's phone has a crack in the screen, even though she has a screen protector. Leo says that the very nature of glass, no matter what kind it is, is that it can crack if it gets hit just right. All a screen protector really does is protect from scratches.

Watch Josh from Redding, CA Comments

Josh would like to educate himself on consumer electronics and technology. Leo says that tablets and mobile have really moved into the game, even in the corporate arena, where Bring Your Own Devices is a thing now. Voice technologies like the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are really hitting the mainstream, and with that, so is home automation. Drones are also big. And looking over the horizon, AI is going to be big.