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Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny picked up a Windows Surface Go tablet, which Leo calls the cutest computer ever. It's 9.7" with Keyboard and Pen, and USB charging. But Johnny got a charging adapter for it that bricked the computer. Leo says to never buy a third party charger unless he's sure it's a legitimate product. Amazon doesn't police their third party sellers very well, and a lot of them are either counterfeit or very cheaply made. USB-C is not a well defined spec to begin with, and when you get a third party charger adapter, it's a roll of the dice if it will kill your computer. Johnny should stick with name brands. Leo suggests going a step further and buying only cables that are Benson Lueng approved.

Watch Tom from Montana Comments

Tom has a friend who gave a technician remote access after calling a number in a popup ad for his Echo. Leo says he fell victim to a scam and there's a good chance that his computer is infected with malware, a key logger, remote access trojans, the works. At this point, the only safe thing to do is backup the data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, safe source, then update. Only then can he be sure his computer is safe.

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Watch Diane from Chicago, IL Comments

Diane needs a cordless phone headset that will give her a hands free experience with her Ooma VOIP phone number. She bought one, but the caller can't hear her. What are her alternatives? Headsets can easily break. So before she spends money on a brand new phone, she should just try to replace the headset. Leo recommends the Panasonic KX-TCA430 for $17. There's a good chance it's a standard headset. If she really wants a new phone, Leo says his favorite cordless phones are also from Panasonic.

Watch Dale from Palmdale, CA Comments

Dale wants to know how he can automate functions on the iPhone. Leo says that in iOS 12, there will be a suggestions and shortcuts app that will enable him to automate a lot of things. He also wants to use augmented reality with his iPhone. Leo says that NBC and Comcast is huge into it, and have an app called Augmen.TV.

Check out this video from MacBreak Weekly in 360.

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Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom wants to know how to share his contact information digitally with his smartphone. Leo says that there's plenty of programs that can scan his business cards (the standard is called VCF or VCard) and convert it to digital data. There's also a "share card" feature in the iPhone to share a VCF Vcard file via Bluetooth. Android has these options as well.

There is also a great app called Full Contact that would allow him to take a picture of business cards and it will then interpret the data into a VCF VCard file for his phone. It uses humans to read the picture and input the data.

The chatroom also suggests creating a QR code which will give all the information with a simple scan.

Watch John from Montgomery, AL Comments

John is a fire fighter and they share the cost of Wi-Fi with multiple access points. But when they increased his data plan to 300 Mbps, the most his router will get is 80. Leo says that typically, Wi-Fi is 60% of what they say. So he should be safely expecting 180 Mbps. But at 2.4Ghz, he's only going to get 80. He's going to need a TriBand router. For pure speed, Leo recommends the NetGear Orbi Pro Mesh router. He can get one extra unit for every 1500 sq ft coverage.

Watch Robert from New Jersey Comments

Robert is having an issue with UWA apps bought in the Windows Store. He can't connect using them. Microsoft has been dealing with this issue for three years, and he can read more about it at here.

The chatroom offered up this page at

There's other solutions Robert can try at and

Leo has a hunch it's a settings issue. Robert should try disabling "automatically detect proxy settings". He can also try different DNS servers. Security software could also block it. One thing to try is resetting his PC with Windows recovery.